Getting an ultrasound scan is a great place to start if you’re pregnant and wondering about your next steps.

An ultrasound is safe and painless. It uses sound waves to create a picture of the inside of your uterus and provides useful information about your pregnancy’s viability, age, and location.

These details can help you make the best decision about how to proceed with your pregnancy.

What is the Purpose of an Ultrasound?

To Check for Viability

When receiving an ultrasound scan, the medical provider first looks to determine the pregnancy’s viability. According to the Mayo Clinic, natural miscarriage occurs in 10 to 20% of pregnancies. This information ensures that you get the proper medical help you need.

To Determine the Location of the Pregnancy

Next, the medical provider will confirm that your pregnancy is within your uterus. If the pregnancy is in the fallopian tube, ovary, cervix, or abdomen, this is considered an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency and requires immediate medical intervention.

To Confirm the Age of the Pregnancy

After confirming the viability and location of the pregnancy, the medical provider can take measurements to determine its age.

Although many women use their last menstrual period to calculate their pregnancy age, this method can be inaccurate. Before making any decisions about your pregnancy, receiving an ultrasound scan performed by a medical professional is essential.

If you are considering a medical abortion, know that according to the FDA, medical abortions should only be performed within the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

Get the Support You Deserve

No matter if you are excited about your pregnancy or considering termination, Hope Place Monticello is here to help.

Our team can help you learn more details about your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound scan at no cost to you.

The scan can provide you with peace of mind that you’re not experiencing any serious pregnancy complications, and it can give you the details you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

Additionally, it is important to remember that choosing to have an abortion without receiving an ultrasound to determine the age and location of your pregnancy can increase your risk of complications.

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