Knowing how you might respond emotionally after an abortion can be hard to predict. The impact of an abortion on mental health for post-abortive women can vary from one individual to the next.

But just as there are physical risks to abortion, there are also risks to your emotional health that you need to be aware of before you make a decision about your pregnancy.

Mental Health Risks After an Abortion

While every woman’s experience can vary, studies and research have identified mental health risks from abortion that can occur. 

These risks can include:

  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal behaviors
  • Substance use disorders
  • Eating disorders

Mental health experts have also identified pre-existing factors that, when present, can increase your chance of developing mental health issues after an abortion.

These factors include:

  • Having a history of mental health disorders 
  • Feeling pressured to terminate the pregnancy by others 
  • Having cultural or religious belief systems that conflict with abortion
  • Lacking a support system to help you recover emotionally from the abortion
  • A desire to have children now or in the future

Take the Time to Get the Answers You Need

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling scared, confused, and like you have to make a decision quickly.

But taking the time to learn about the details of your pregnancy, what options are available to you, and what risks you need to be aware of can empower you to make the best decision for your future.

For example, one study found that up to 5% of at-home pregnancy tests can give a false response, often the result of a test taken incorrectly. Confirming your pregnancy at a health clinic is one of the best first steps you can take.

Let the team at HopePlace help you. We not only provide free in-clinic pregnancy test confirmation, but we can also offer you a referral for a follow-up ultrasound scan if you are pregnant.

This ultrasound scan will give you information, like the age, location, and viability of your pregnancy—all valuable details that will help make clear what next steps are available to you. 

You’re not alone; let the staff at HopePlace be your first step in getting the facts you need about your pregnancy.

Contact us today to schedule your free and confidential appointment.