Scared. Anxious. Confused. Alone. You likely feel all these emotions if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy. These feelings are normal and understandable, but it’s important to remember that you have options—and you’re not alone. 

Read on to learn more about your pregnancy options and how to decide what’s right for you. Or, if you want to talk to someone in person about your pregnancy choices and learn more about free resources and services, contact HopePlace today to speak with one of our caring team members. 

You Have Options

Abortion is just one of your options. Parenting and adoption are your other pregnancy choices.

Abortion is the only option that terminates your pregnancy, while both parenting and adoption require you to carry your baby to term. 

While the thought of carrying your pregnancy to term might feel impossible, free resources are available to support you if you choose parenting or adoption for your pregnancy. At HopePlace, we can connect you with these free resources

How Can I Decide What’s Right for Me?

Trying to decide what’s best for your pregnancy can seem overwhelming. With so many different options and potential outcomes, you might wonder where to begin. While only you can ultimately decide what’s best, answering these questions can help you get started:

  • Do I know all I can about each pregnancy option?
  • Have I had all my questions answered?
  • Am I leaning toward one option over the other, and why?
  • How might my life look like if I choose abortion, adoption, or parenting?

While these questions can help you start thinking about the next steps, sometimes talking about them with another person will allow you to gain clarity. At HopePlace, our caring team is here to answer your questions and give you the space to explore your options

Next Steps

You’re not alone in this. At HopePlace, we’re here for you. Call us today to learn more about the free resources, services, and support that can help you move forward feeling encouraged and confident.